IT Support for PC’s & Laptops

PC Services

Help, advice and basic training to get you started
Operating system installation and data transfer
Program installation and upgrade
Disaster recovery of your PC Computer & Laptop
Hardware recommendation and supply
System faults removal (unexplained crashing, restarting or blue screens)
System faults removal (no power, freezing, hanging or error messages)
Restore slow laptops & PCs to the original performing speed
Missing PC & Laptop driver installation
Driver and PC Computer & Laptop bios update
Virus, spyware, adware, worms and malicious software killing and removal
Effective antivirus, spyware, adware and firewall protection for your laptop
Computer Data backup (system and software settings, mail & other data)
Transfer of files and settings between PC Computers, Laptops
Hardware upgrade
New PC setup
Hardware and Software installation
Hard drive replacement + data recovery
Home and Small Office network setup (wired and wireless)
Internet sharing solutions for laptops & PC’s
ADSL modem/router setup (wired and wireless)
  Printer, scanner, fax & copier setup
PC Computer & Laptop Error repairs
PC Computer & Laptop PC Blue Screens of Death repair
WIFI Setup, Wireless Security SETUP, WEP, WPA Setup
and many more PC Computer & Laptop Services


  Troubleshooting and repairing all makes of PC's and laptops
Broadband problems
Windows not booting/ System crashes
Software faults/Software crashes
Windows blue screen


PC Health checks
Virus removal & Anti virus setup
Spyware / Adware / Malware removal
Network/Internet security
System update checks
System cleaning
Preventative maintenance
System upgrades
Parental controls

Install And Setup

New PC setup
Operating system installs
System upgrades
Software supply, installation and set-up
Broadband sharing/Wifi networks
Broadband installation
Security - Firewall Protection Setup
Hardware driver updates
Hardware/Peripheral installation
System configuration
DVD/RW CD/RW install/setup
Internet and Email setup